About Us

Zhongshan Xinyihong craft factory was established in 2013, is a professional manufacturer of badges, commemorative COINS, key links, tie clips, cufflinks, bottle openers, MEDALS, work plates, advertising trademarks, shoe labels, clothing accessories and other craft gifts. 
At present, we have production departments including business department, design department, mold department, finishing department, corrosion department, polishing department, plating department, coloring department, crystal surface department, packaging department.Materials are iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, stainless iron, zinc alloy, lead tin alloy, silver and other metals, process including baking paint, imitation enamel, color paste, printing.In addition to the general traditional manual, we also have modern high-tech equipment, so that the product quality is good, the price is more affordable, the delivery time is faster. 
We always adhere to the "good quality, customer first, excellent service concept, with hard work, pragmatic and enterprising spirit, after years of development, our team in the badge industry to stand out, grow into a bright new star in the badge industry.

Xinyihong is very willing to be your supplier, we hope that through our efforts to create greater profits for you.