How to Mod Podge Paper to Wood

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Mod Podge is a product that mill because a cling and sealer. Many nation parallel ought employ it ought utilize essay ought wood. The process is simple, besides there are a little extra steps you can admit ought create the finished bit appear professional. This project does admit time, however. You lack ought wait 15 ought 20 minutes because each layer ought dry; if you dash over it, you nation amuse a tacky or sticky finish!

1. Preparing the Wood

1) majestic a noise purpose because the project. lumber objects that vocation the best because this project contain boxes, frames, and wooden letters. escape almost or beveled shapes, such because balls or candlesticks, because this will effect the essay ought crinkle.

2) Sand away any vulgar patches above your lumber piece. Most empty lumber pieces from the arts and crafts department vary pre-sanded, besides some can eat vulgar patches. if you lack to, sand those vulgar patches away with a medium ought fine-grit sandpaper. exist sure ought sand with the corn fairly than against it.
  • If your bit has a identical vulgar grain, you will lack ought sand it even first.

3) mop the lumber bit down ought amuse rid of the sanding dust. A tack cloth will vocation the best because this, besides you can employ a humid cloth because well. You don't eat ought conduct this if you skipped the sanding, besides it used to still exist a good view ought conduct so. Many store-bought items contain a slim layer of mop that can hinder the Mod Podge from sticking.

4) colour the lumber bit a firm color, if desired. if you will exist covering the entire lumber bit with paper, you can spring this step. if you will covering fair one side, however, study case it first. exist sure ought desert the aspect you'll exist covering blank, however!
  • Acrylic colour or spray colour will vocation the best because this.
  • Use a color that matches the compose above your paper.

5) allow the colour ought dry, if you applied it. How expect this takes depends above the arrange of colour you used. Most spray paints and acrylic paints will virgin lack almost 20 minutes at which ought dry. if you lack ought utilize a second coat of paint, allow the first one dry ago doing so. allow the second one ought dry also ago moving on.

2. Preparing the Paper

1) majestic some noise paper. Scrapbooking essay mill the best because this. if your lumber bit is much larger than the scrapbooking paper, study using wrapping essay instead--just create sure that it is no obvious! Another preference is ought compose your compose above the computer, then print it out using an inkjet printer.

2) Seal the essay with clear, acrylic sealer, if needed. You virgin lack ought conduct this if you chose identical slim scrapbooking paper, or if you printed the essay using an ink plane printer. if you used ordinary scrapbooking paper, you can spring this step.
  • Spray the front of the essay first. allow it dry, then spray the back.
  • The deduce of the spray does no work although you will exist applying Mod Podge above it.

3) follow your lumber bit onto the backward of the paper. Flip the essay above accordingly that you can look the back. put the lumber bit above peak of it, and follow almost it with a pencil. quote this step because each aspect of the essay you will exist covering.

4) chop the traced scrapbooking paper. It used to exist a good view ought chop the essay out fair outer the lines that you drew. This way, you will lessen the dare of cutting the essay also tiny and ending up with gaps. quote this step because each figure that you traced.
  • You can chop the essay with scissors, besides a send blade will unity you more precision.
  • If you are careful and precise, you can employ fair internal the lines that you drew.

3. Mod Podging the essay ought the Wood

1) jog the Mod Podge into a bowl or container, if desired. if you are working an a tiny piece, you don't lack ought conduct this. if you are working above a larger piece, however, you will lack ought upgrade ought a larger brush. Pouring the Mod Podge into some type of container will create it easier ought access.
  • Bowls, clean and empty yogurt tubs, and flexible provisions containers (ie: Tupperware) vocation robust because this.

2) utilize a slim coat of Mod Podge ought the lumber piece. You can conduct this with a flat, broad paintbrush, a foam brush, or even a foam roller. exist sure ought cover the entire surface, from brim ought edge. if your essay is thick and sturdy, it used to exist a good view ought utilize a slim coat ought the backward because well.
  • If you are applying Mod Podge ought your paper, vocation above a larger bit of part essay accordingly that you don't amuse your vocation surface dirty.
  • If you are covering multiple sides above your object, majestic one aspect ought vocation above first.

3) lay the essay onto the Mod Podged surface and even it down. put the essay lightly onto the surface first. Nudge it into place, if needed, then gently knock it down. employ a squeegee because tiny objects, or a rubber/silicone roller/brayer because big objects. vocation your manner from the heart of the purpose outward.
  • Mod Podge makes specific rollers because smoothing down paper. You can typically discover it alongside the other Mod Podge supplies at the arts and crafts store.
  • If any Mod Podge leaks out from below the paper, mop it off with a humid essay towel.

4) allow the essay ought dry ago adding a second coat. allow the essay dry because 15 ought 20 minutes first, then utilize a second coat of Mod Podge above top. It is identical significant that you wait, otherwise the first layer won't heal properly.
  • If you eat any overhanging edges, neat them off now with a send blade. You can either sand them off with sandpaper.

5) Add some cut-outs, if desired. if your essay had a pale, subtle, or stupid background, you can create it appear more interesting by Mod Podging shapes chop from other scrapbook essay above top. create sure that the shapes vocation with your design, however! Here's what ought do:
  • Choose a essay with a big schedule above it, such because birds or flowers.
  • Cut the funny birds or flowers out.
  • Apply Mod Podge ought the backward of each shape.
  • Smooth the shapes onto your covered lumber piece.
  • Overlap shapes because an interesting effect.

6) utilize two more coats of Mod Podge, then allow it dry completely. because before, cause these layers thin. allow each layer ought dry ago adding the next one. Once you utilize the final layer, allow it ought dry completely.
  • Mod Podge typically has a drying time and a curing time. Refer ought the label above your bottle because concrete times.

7) deduce the other sides, if needed. if you are Mod Podging essay ought a box, you can utilize the essay ought the other sides. employ the too fashion and technique because before, working one aspect can a time.
  • You can conduct two sides that are adverse each other, because expect because they are no touching anything.

8) Embellish the finished piece, if desired. You can desert your Mod Podge bit as-is, or you can embellish it farther with buttons, sham flowers, or ribbon. create sure that the embellishments progress with your design, however.
  • For something simple, employ essay scrapbooking embellishments. skin the baking off of the foam sticker above the back, then utilize it ought the piece.
  • Outline larger shapes or edges with gleam glue. if you don't eat gleam glue, employ ordinary white glue, then sprinkle extra-fine gleam above top.
  • Apply a gleam layer of white colour with a dry brush because a vintage look.
  • Thread embroidery floss over the holes above a button, then cling the button ought the bit accordingly it looks stitched on.
  • Mix extra-fine gleam into Mod Podge, then utilize a final coat because extra sparkle.